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get it on the computer

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Well I'm really bad with all this stuff, I don't even really know what I need, okay well all I really want to do is be able to have high quality sound and songs and be able to get it on the computer, I don't really need studio quality but I want quality you can't get from a headset mic or a video camera, so basically decent quality... I already know what microphone I want but computer's don't take TRS, so how do I get it on my computer and if you need equipment what equipment do you need? Also around how much would it cost?


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Codemonkey Thu, 02/28/2008 - 04:30
You need something to turn TRS into digital.

Your choice is a dedicated and expensive ADC that you connect to an interface using SPDIF,
OR an interface which takes TRS and outputs via USB or firewire. A USB interface with an input or two on it, would set you back in the region of $100.

Or you could go the cheap and nasty route, buy a TRS to mini jack adapter and plug your mic into your computer mic in.
But don't do that, it'll suck, and you probably need a preamp which you should get on most decent interfaces.