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Getting Delay when using a midi controler!

How can you adjust Midi Controllers latency or something I'm running Cubase SX3, with 3gb DDRam, an Emu1820 and for some reason i get like 30ms delay or something. its really freaking me out.ç

the midi controller i got its the a Axiom 61 by M Audio. I connected it via usb (got some Delay) and via Midi Cables

CONTROLLEROUT>EMU-MIDIPORT-IN still have some delay!.

mmm Im pretty new at midi controllers i used to make midi files just by typing the Score.

please help me out


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 09/15/2006 - 19:43
I am NOT familiar with the Emu card.

MIDI doesn't have latency to speak of but, your virtual synths/plugins are subject to performace issues related to the card drivers.

For example: if you load a VST instrument in Cubase, like an FM7 or whatever synth you have, and you experience a delay from the moment you press the key to the moment you hear the sound, it's NOT a midi issue. It's a soundcard issue. You may have to adjust the buffer settings or upgrade the drives. Also, some soundcards are just NOT so good for that purpose.

You should ONLY use one midi connection: either use the USB cable OR the MIDI cables, not both. If you do use the MIDI cables you must of course have a MIDI interface connected to your PC/Mac.

Unfortunately, I don't know about the Emu card nor do I know anyone who uses it. Sorry I can't be of more help with the card itself.

schizojames Sat, 09/16/2006 - 10:43
DIGIT has the right idea. The EMU card you speak of should be running on ASIO drivers. I don't know about your processor, but with a computer fast and new enough to have 3Gb of RAM on it your latency should be more like 3ms. Go into DEVICES-->DEVICE SETUP. Then click on VST Multitrack. You can access your ASIO settings from here. Make sure that you ARE using ASIO and not MME, and then set your latency one step above the lowest it can go without messing up (anything below 15 ms you likely will not notice).

I am still using SX1 at home, but I think this is still accurate.

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 09/18/2006 - 14:31
Well I dohave my EMU Aso diver setup,gives mearound 2.7ms latency no prob.but I think the problemdoesnt have to do with that. I know that the asiolatency itsreally low and i shouldnt have problems with latency and for audio i dont.

I Did noticed that when I use VST instruments I get no Latency at all or very very little. When i use the windows midi output I do get like 15ms or something that you can actually notice if you pay close attention.

Now I connect my controller to the midi in or my soundcard. but i also connect it usb because it powers the controller via usb but i dont use the usb driver for it to work on cubase but I guess cubase detects the usb driver also would that give me aproblem should i connect it tothe power in order to power itor usb is fine. I really think that i might get latency because the controller conected via midi cables and via usb.

does any one know if this might give you latency?

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 09/18/2006 - 21:16
Well, when you say outboard unit do you mean the soundcard interfase or another keyboard or something. and the USB isnt the only way you can work with vsti when im using the midi in input on the tracks i can still use it.

The thing is that i do connect the keyboard to my soundcards midi input via midi cables and also I connect the keyboard via usb for the power but i dont use that driver on my software. but i still wonder if that might still give me troubles even though im not using the usb driver per say im still loading it.....

Looks like you know a lot about this. so would you be so kind to explain the connections and setups for cubase sx please. I would very much apreciate it since im a bit new to midi controllers and what they are capable off. im only using it to make some midi tracks.

Also I have a question. what output can I use to get a regular Pianno sound. I use the windows one. and if i want another kind of sound i load VSTInstruments but most of the ones i have are for drumkits or synths for bass winds etc.

Also any nice pianno VSTIs out there that you know off

Thank you!