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Getting that raunchy heavy guitar sound

I have a monster '89 Randall Tube guitar amp it has 9 tubes in the bloody thing! Its a 1/2 stack with a slant cabinet. I am a big fan of Hard rock and metal.

I mainly use my Boss BR-8 to get all my guitar sounds, so its all digital. I just recently decided to power up the Randall and try and capture its monster sound. So i used my Audio Technica 3035 on a lower speaker of the 4 x 12 cabinet with the volume quite loud. I had to cover the amp with blankets as well so That i didn't piss my neighbours off. Note: occasionally the neighbours aren't home so i can crank it.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get that monster sound. Any suggestions. I also wonder if somehow miking the slant speaker would help.



Davedog Fri, 01/26/2007 - 17:48
Separation, I listened to your track and found it to be very good. You're certainly on the right path. The only thing I would have to hunt down and kill as a producer of this, is the intermodulation distortion thats happening, (I think I'm right on this), as a result of the drop to 'C'.

As you probably well know, this tuning drop, while being very cool sounding and heavy, also shortens the scale length of an instrument made to be tuned to this resonance. Your basic spanish guitar is made to be tuned to A 440 give or take a few decimals, and the nut and bridge are in the basic area for this to be harmonically correct at this scale length.

I know this is why guitars are getting tuned down these days as it adds some sub-harmonic structures that make "That Sound" and thats great....But in the studio these become hard to get clean and accurate separation for all the notes being played in those chordal structures and at times it covers up some of the things you might want to stand out.

Unfortunately the cure for this dilutes the massive crunch of this tuning and the point of this style of music. So wadda gonna do....?

Carefully sculpt the low-mids till the clarity comes out. Not enough to ruin the overall feel and bitchslapping of that sound....just enough...A very accurate 4 band with narrow Q parametric is the trick here.

But go easy and try not to fall in love with what it does for the sound.

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