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I recorded a guitar part a while back, and reversed it, and I was wondering how to get rid of the unpleasant noise at the very end of each note


RemyRAD Mon, 02/18/2013 - 02:16

Yeah that's a great product if you don't mind spending $1500 for a noise reduction program? So how about a shareware version of Cool Edit 96? But why bother with that? Adobe is offering free downloads of Audition 3 which is actually one of my favorite programs. So from their free shareware version to the $300 retail version you can get for free, those programs have fantastic noise reduction capabilities rivaling that of the $1500 noise reduction software program.

But then you may find, it ain't going to get rid of those clicking sounds? Because those clicking sounds were there even when it was forward and not backwards. Of course you hear it differently backwards. So the noise reduction capabilities in Adobe Audition 3 also include pop and click removal programs. But then they don't always get rid of the pops and clicks you want them to get rid of. Which may require you to do it by hand, by zooming in on the waveform right down to the sample level. Where you can then individually zoom in on that click and remove it by deleting, by filling it in, whatever an audio engineer has to do to make the audio sound good even if you have to do it painstakingly slowly, one by one.

Sounds to me though, with what you're describing, you might just be better off trying to re-track/re-record that guitar track so it plays back the way you want it to backwards in reverse? It's like when you smash the left front fender of your car, a can of spray paint isn't going to do much to fix the problem. And if ya can't pay somebody the money to fix it for you? Then you may have to consider to DIY? And that's going to take more than just a can of spray paint and a screwdriver, right?

Have you tried purchasing a used car with that much money? Then what do you think you would get for $100? I can tell you it won't be a running stingray. It won't even be a running Toyota Corolla. No. You'll get part of a broken car without an engine and some terrible body damage. Maybe it won't have the body damage? Maybe it will only be missing the engine? And then can you find a working engine for $50 that will fit? Probably not. These are the obstacles facing you. And our cheap equipment 30-40 years ago, that was all used, beat up, required very deep restoration, all pretty much cost 10 times your $100 budget. And did I say 10 times? I meant 100 times. Today the brand-new stuff costs but a fraction of what any of us have had to invest. And so the only kind of juicy steak dinner you can afford, is that Black Angus burger from McDonald's. It's sure the hell is not going to be a USDA prime ribeye from the local specialty butcher. It will neither look like it, sound like it or taste like it. And you cannot complain because you got what you paid for. That ribeye at the butcher shop is going to cost at least five times that of the Angus burger and then you still have to spend the money on the gas or electricity to cook it. And you got to spend the extra money to get the lettuce, the onion, the ketchup, the mustard and the pickles. Would you like a side salad with that also along with some speaker cables? Do I also tell you the beverage and the fries are not included without further additional cost? Maybe you could just ask them for the meat patty in a box? Hold the pickles, old the onions, hold the ketchup, hold the mustard, hold the lettuce, hold the onions and hold the bread. And then offer them less money since you're not getting the whole burger and see if they go for it?

Part of the problem with the business we are in is that it requires you to use your brain, your knowledge, your experience, because there is no app on your smart phone for that. And because everybody is surfing the Internet, you don't even need to waste your money to purchase any books, because he just saw and heard a great microphone for $50 that sounds better than the $3000 one. You are now an expert because you watched a YouTube video and you read the magazine advertisement review. Oh and you saw and heard all of these other guys on YouTube that have been doing this for most of their lives, for the past three months and they are happy to advise you what ya need. And that's called the blind leading the blind. The same way it is in all of the major recording schools across the country with very few that aren't. But it all must be valid and true if you saw and heard it on YouTube. Or the specifications indicate that the $50 speaker has a frequency response of 20-20,000. And of course you know it will be every bit as good as Eddie Money running a travel agency because he's happy and he has..." two tickets to Paradise ".

The commercial made it painfully obvious why he is not still working as a rock 'n roll singer.
Mx. Remy Ann David