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Getting Two Yamaha n8's to work together as one

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Hello. I recently bought Two Yamaha n8's, and I'm very happy and excited.
Now, one little snag... I hooked up the second N8 to the first and the first is hooked up to the PCI Firewire Card port on the Mother BOard.

Now my problem is getting Cubase Studio4 to reconize the Second N8.

What I would like to able to do is send some audio Tracks from Cubase to the First N8 and some to the Second N8. Exactly how do i send tracks to the second N8 cause i can't seem to get Cubase to see the Second Unit.

I checked the M-lan Graphic patchbay(i'm thinking this has to be the place to get it working) but after playing around with the setup, no luck so far.

The both units shows up in the Patchbay, but I don't fullly understand how to link them up in there.

Is there a Video by chance that shows this information??? that's downloadble???

Another thing, I have the First N8 going straight to my KRK V8's. Would the second N8's audio output be able to read through the First N8's output or would i have to physically hook up the second output to another speaker (I hope this question wasn't too confusing)( cause I'm kinda hoping that the 2 mixers would act like one, through One output)

I really want to be able to work the both mixers as one mixer. You know, as a full fledge 16-channel Mixer.
So, Any help would be greatly appreciated



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hueseph Tue, 08/26/2008 - 09:47
Double posting doesn't draw any more attention than a single post. If you can, please delete one of them.

Cubase should "See" both of your mixers as one unit. You need to enable the vst inputs on all of those channels. Check the manual for this. The one real snag if you are using the include Cubase AI 4 software is that the software only supports up to 8 simultaneous inputs at a time.

You should be able to monitor from the first board or the second board. I think it's all a matter of how you set it up in Cubases device menu. I would think it defaults to the first unit.

Nice purchase by the way. A review would be awesome. Yamaha did right what Mackie failed to do. Mixer and control surface. Awesome. It has the functionality of a digi 003 with a better layout IMHO. I have G. A. S. all of a sudden.