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good drum mics

i need mics for a drumset. could you guys give me some good recomendations for the toms, the snare, kickdrum, and overhead?

i have the sm57 for snare in mind, that good?
i'm just starting to record



Pro Audio Guest Thu, 08/03/2006 - 23:09
you'll probably get a different answer from everyone cause it's pretty much personal preference and what works best for you....

i use sm57 on snare, AKG D-112 for the bass, and MXL 603's as overheads,... i don't use anything on the tom's...overheads pick up my toms pretty well......i used to use a Shure KSM-27 as a room mic, but i actually like the sound better without it.....

TeddyG Thu, 08/03/2006 - 23:20
A bunch of 57's would do well for all, until you want to spend some rather larger money. One of the "drum mic kits" could be good, but don't go too cheap, get one from the recognized companies for a realistic price.

Try moving your 1, 57 around and see how it sounds on all the things individually. Also, consider not micing ALL the kit, at least at first. Maybe just one on the snare, one on the bass and a couple of overheads - all 57's. If/when you hear deficiencies(You may not?), THEN go looking for supplements or something "better".

Make sure you've exhausted all the options you have NOW - moving the single 57 around until you get a good sound on the entire kit? If nothing else you'll gain experience of where the one mic just doesn't cut it and why or you may find an interesting sound that could be useable now and in the future(If we get too much stuff at once, we often never bother to learn the individual items capabilities. Some say they get a fine sound using just two overheads - period, for instance.


stickers Fri, 08/04/2006 - 07:48
I am a fan of the audix D series mics on drums.

1. they are very durable
2. they are compact
3. the rack mount clips are very flexible. I can get lots of different angles and distances. and you can put different mic clip on the mount to accomodate other mics such as a 57 on snare. ( but i use the D1)
4. they sound good.

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 08/04/2006 - 10:17
my setup is:

shure drumkit = 3x sm57 (1 on snare, rest on guitars),
1x 52a (kick)
3x clamp (also great for upright (cheap) piano toplid open micing or to attach to a lighting rig for ambience)

a matched pair of oktave mk012 (overheads and/or roommics, love these)

but never mind the mics,
first get yourself a decent drummer
and a decent drumkit
in a decent room

these three will probably set you more back then a couple of mics ;)


Davedog Sat, 08/05/2006 - 00:37
There are many many lists of drumkit mic options available on the search function here at RO. Use it.

That being said.....Here's a partial yet rather complete list of 'what works well'

Kik: AKG D12/D112, ATM 25, EV RE20, Senn MD409, Audix D6/D4

Snare: SM57, Audix D2/i5, Beyer 201

Toms: Audix D2/D4, Senn MD421, SM57, SM81,

Overheads: Neumann KM84/184, AKG 451, ATM4041, SM81, ADK SC1/SC2....really a lot of options here........

Best of all is a well tuned drumkit with well placed mics being fed into high-grade mic pres.