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A good one or two channel vocal mic pre

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Hello all,
I was wondering of your input on a good reasonable priced one or two channel vocal mic pre. Right now I am using an Electro Harmonix one channel tube pre and I like the sound, however there is no level control for the balanced output. (there is a level for the unbalanced out but it would be nice to drive the tubes a little more depending on what I am tracking) I was thinking it might be better if I went solid state but I do love that tube sound. I was using an ART TubePre but I found that this preamp was not what I wanted for a vocal mic pre however it worked great as a DI for guitar and bass.

Also, I sprang for an AT2020 for a mic. It seems to work great especially for acoustic guitar. Has anyone else used this mic?



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BobRogers Fri, 03/07/2008 - 14:01
You don't mention a price range. From your other purchases I'll hazard a guess and put in a good word for the FMR RNP. Two channels. Solid State with nice fairly subtle color. I haven't found anything better in the price range. If you are really hooked on the tube sound look at the Groove Tubes Brick. Most "tube" preamps in this price range are really solid state pres with a tube effects unit added. With the Brick, the tube really does the amplification. I like it on my vocals with a Rode K2 when I want to go all low baritone and hope the combined tube mushiness hides the flaws.

If you are willing to get out of the low-mid three digits give a yell and people will chime in with suggestions. Probably wouldn't hurt to mention musical style and vocal range (or ranges).