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good pair of overhead condensors and. ?


i'm going to have to go on a shopping spree (if you can call it that)...

and i need to get a good pair of condensor mic's as my drum OverHeads. I wanted them to be somewhat useful in other applications as well (micing acoustic guitar for example). I was going to pick up some SM81's but i thought i'd see what you all thought about that first...

any other ideas?

I'm also looking for a good Vocal/guitar condensor... maybe around 300 to 600 bucks.

thanks for you thoughts


Davedog Mon, 05/08/2006 - 14:23
Go with your original intent. SM81's are good for everything you ask them to reproduce. At that level the major difference is taste. There is another level up from there but we're talking reference mics and things that are going to run a grand or so per...The SM81 is big and open sounding. Not very colored. Excellent. {secret> they sound great on some vocals.....ssshhhhh!}

I'm pleased to hear someone likes the AKG C1000. I wouldnt spend $50 on one and thats if someone gave me the money. Sorry. They are GREAT on hihats. They work wonderfully for remotes when you have no phantom power (battery)...Perhaps a good remote interview mic. I would never put one up in a critical situation....but thats just me...And I LOVE AKG stuff....just not this one..Okay, the 2000 leaves a lot to be opinion only.