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good setup for starters

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i want to major in recording arts in college, but have not started the program yet, i'm still undeclared. however i'm attempting to start recording now and creating a portfolio for when i transfer to a trade school. for someone who has little experience but intends to follow this as a career path, what would you suggest as good gear to start with? i've worked with the lexicon omega system at the radio station i work at, it's treated me decently. i was told by someone else in recording to go ahead and go for a protools audio setup.
what do you suggest?


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RemyRAD Fri, 11/23/2007 - 13:08
I've lived without ProTools since it was invented in the early 1990s or was that the late 1980s? I've used other manufacturers audio programs, such as my first piece of shareware Cool Edit 1.53 shortly followed by Cool Edit 96. Then on to Sound Forage 4. I dabbled with an early Digidesign Audio Media I I I card that included something called Digidesign Session. Real-time equalization and that's about it for 8 inputs, since they really didn't do PC but only Mac. At least they've made some progressive changes.

Since then, I've moved on to Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas, Wave lab. It's only been this past few months that I finally decided that I should put in a ProTools capable system. So I have the entry toy level M Box 2 with baby ProTools LE. It's cool but I still like my other software's. I think the only real cool thing about it is the RTAS plug-ins. Bomb Factory has some nice Universal Audio style 1176, LA 2's compressor/limiters. The coolest part of this package is the reverbs. Unlike the other audio software's where the reverbs will stop when you interrupt and stop the recording. If you hit stop while playing ProTools, the reverbs fadeout naturally as if they were sitting physically, in your equipment rack. I like that feature very much. I'm just not wild about the input and output problems the M-Box 2 has. They're screwy and I haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem yet. Digidesign is no help. Lousy customer support as nobody knows what they're doing. Too much proprietary blah blah and I don't appreciate that. But heck, $450 to get you and acceptable audio interface with ProTools. One-stop box.

Lots of boxes here
Ms. Remy Ann David

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Member Fri, 11/23/2007 - 18:49
recording set up


I know there still a lot of people that uses all analog gear. That's Ok
Analog is warm and all that.

But hey now we have a new world of audio tools with computer software.

And the actual computer hardware is getting faster and more powerful every day.

I will go with a DAW ( digital audio workstation ) like Pro Tools is fine.
Now, pro tools is a world industry standard but there is a lot of other apps that can do just about the same,

Firts choose your platform wisely. Mac or PC

Not so long a go audio guys rely on Macs in general, but now is a different story.
Some DAWs are just for macs, some just for Pcs, other will run on both.
I suggest you to take a moment before you invest and check them out at a guitar center or something. Give them a test drive.
I use Pro tools because honestly I think is very accurate. Apples's Logic Pro is also very cool. Sonar is now in version 7 and is loaded with instruments. Ableton Live is more for Loops and Dj sfuff in my opinion.
Reason will record just midi but is one of the most stables.
The list go on an on.

If you like check some videos in youtube about this DAWs you can learn a lot.

William Rivera

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RemyRAD Sat, 11/24/2007 - 11:16
TVPostSound, well I haven't torn the little box open yet. It does not like taking the balanced outputs from my classic vintage Neve, whose outputs are already terminated into 600 ohms nor my API, 3124m, discrete balanced outputs. The balanced inputs present me with a most definitely clipped top and bottom waveform. Whilst the DI input provides me with a lower clipped waveform but the upper part of the waveform is not. This is below, much below zero DBfs. It appears that neither the Neve nor the API can feed the M-Box 2 from a nominal + 4 dbm, transformer isolated output. It appears they need to pad the front end of their crappy inputs. Their pad switch actually works at the DI/TRS inputs. This automatically tells me it's crappy design work. So the TRS input is nothing more than a balanced DI input, not designed to be fed from real studio equipment with nominal levels at + 4 dbm! I think they believe people are going to feed this from their actively balanced output -10 DB Teac/Beringer style balanced outputs?

I just haven't felt destructive enough lately to tear into it. I already have 2 LA 4's and a single 1176 that needs repair. I'll take care of those before I screw around with the Crap Tools Box 2. Currently, in my control room, I'm feeding it, unbalanced, at -10, from a Dwight Cavendish audio/video distribution amplifier that takes the + 4dbm outputs from my consoles just fine.

Remember when? With professional equipment, we would always get schematics? What is there proprietary inside anything anymore that isn't already manufactured in Taiwan?? I just don't get this nonsense? I think it's irresponsible of the manufacturers, particularly in the day of nonexistent customer service.

But thank you very much TVPostSound for the offer. I'll listen to any decent suggestions and/or ideas. I think a simple H pad at the input would take care of the problem. But it makes me realize that their front-end ain't very good. It's even funnier that I purchased my M-Audio Transit a year before my M-Box 2 only to discover that the Transit is capable of 24/96 and the actual Digidesign box that is a slightly newer incarnation from last year is still only capable of 24/48. Go figure? This company isn't making much sense these days.

And so who here considers which Neve is really a Neve? The ones from England or the ones from Texas?? Or the ones that Rupert built? Or the ones that Siemens built? Where is Bell telephone when you need them? Western electric? I still have some of those telephones I'm not supposed to have.

I'm not really me anymore as I've been sold to another me. I just look like me who used to be me.
Ms. Remy Ann David