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Good Sound for electric guitar recording

hi whats the best way to record guitar ? i have a Alesis multimix 8usb, a marshal MG50DFX, Cubase SX3, and a microphone. how should i use these?

i am currently miking the amp and recording that way but it sounds really rubbish and I'm getting this horrible echoy sound folowing it. a bit like reverb. i get this sound even when i connect the guitar directly to my Alesis multimix

can anyone help?



Pro Audio Guest Fri, 08/18/2006 - 11:09
It sounds like you might have reverb enabled on the MultiMix...?

I haven't used one of these, but I believe they have a small effects processor. Make sure that it's completely disabled for starters. It also could be that you're hearing it from the mixer and the PC at the same time. Make sure you don't have them both coming out of your outputs...

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 08/19/2006 - 07:29
guitar10 wrote: dont worry i fixed it !!!! i had my AUX (not sure what they do) on halfway up ! i tghought thats how they wer ment to be !! :roll:
DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation... so yes, cubase is a DAW application.

Glad to hear it's fixed... sometimes it's easy to overlook that stuff!

An AUX loop is basically an effects loop. For example, if you wanted two tracks to go through the same reverb unit, you could send them out of the same AUX "send", through the reverb unit, and back into the AUX "receive".

rocker73 Thu, 08/24/2006 - 08:21
You didnt say what mic you had? I have a digidesign 002 rack and run pro tools 6.9 on windows xp and I bought a sure SM57 instrument mic to mic my marshall avt 150 up with which lives in a small box room next door to my studio room and i just couldnt get the sound that i wanted using the mic on the marshall although it would help if i had the patience to mess around with the mic positioning! Also my house is a fairly new small semi detached with cardboard walls i.e. they dont keep sound away from the neighbours too well!

So what was my solution? after ponderin and reaserching for a while I decided a Pod would best serve my purpose so I invested in a Pod Xt live and I just plug my guitar into that and then go straight into a channel in pro tools! You can program the Pod via the Line6 edit software quite simply using your mouse, select your amp, cab, delay, mod (i.e. chorus/phaser etc), reverb etc, etc and away you go.

I really recommend you check out, its just so easy to get the guitar sounds you need with a pod and not have to spend ages messing around with mics! You dont have to shell out for an Xt Live as Pod do some cheaper units too.