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got the mic, SONAR, m-audio interface, monitors ..WHAT ELSE

aight i got a AKG Perception 200, running SONAR 4, M-audio interface firewire solo, KRK rp-5 monitors.

-everything sounds good, but am not getting that professional feel to it. i know i won't get a professional sound...but damn with all this equipment I have to come close to something people could vibe to...

-the type of music we work on is hip-hop, and I just need some advice, or tips on how to make it sound better and more blended in with the track..right now it still sound like a low-budget studio...

-So please, i know you guys know everything. TIPs, advice, settings, basically things i should do before and after recording..


JoeH Fri, 09/01/2006 - 13:46
Consider a couple more mics than just that AKG. If your'e on a budget, AT and MXL have some good stuff as well. (Get some SD mics too...)

Also consider a sub somewhere in your monitoring rig. Don't do this to just get slamming bass (you can easily overdo it and end up with tracks that sound thin and weak elsewhere), do it to let yourself hear EVERYTYHING that's going on down there, and to let your clients hear the full impact of what you're doing for them.