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Great Drum Pres

I need to rent a four channel mic preamp unit, to record big puncy rock drums next saturday. The rental place has the API 3124M, GML 8300, Focusrite Red 1, and the John Hardy M-1 and 990/4. I would like to know which pres to check out.


RemyRAD Sat, 03/18/2006 - 21:28
Benny, have you ever tried any jets??

But really, so many rock-and-roll hits recorded with API. That guy George, he's got a few hits. If you want THAT sound APIs have had more hits than George Massenburg. I don't know how many hits John Hardy ever had, Focuswrong with any color and Dean Jensen who made a better operational amplifier than API but it didn't sound like an API! So there you go. You didn't even ask about Rupert what's his name?

API and Neve one of the most noticeable rock-and-roll favorites of all times. HERE COMES THE JUDGE! HERE COMES THE JUDGE!

Ms. Remy Ann David




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