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Guitar -> Line 6 Delay Modeler -> Computer

Alright i've been trying to hook my guitar to the computer through my line 6 delay modeler (the green box) but have had no success. I guess i'm pretty stumped with the whole thing. There are 2 input holes and 2 output holes on the Box. I have a chord in the first hole of the input to my guitar. THen a chord in the first output to the amp. So now do i need to put a chord into the second input then to the computer mic hole, or the other way around? Then i go into Volume Control and switch to the recording and click on all the boxes (thats what someone said on a different forum) And i'm using cool edit. So do i need to switch something in the cool edit preferences too? I'm getting really frustrated with this cuz i can't get it to work. Some guru help! Thanks


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 03/25/2006 - 12:45
well, the delay modeler isn't really the proper thing to be hooking your guitar to the computer. the two outputs are most likely stereo outputs. for you, unless you use stereo delay, you'd use the left side to go to the amp or computer. does your amp have a line out? i would take a cable from the line/headphone out to your computer's line in and record it there. than make sure your software is configured to record the line in and not mic. you could get a DI also and use that if you would rather not use the amp (cause im guessing your using the amp as a "monitor" so you can hear what your playing...).to use the DI, you'd most likely need some kind of signal splitter, whether it be a Y cable or the little samson signal splitter box.

i hope this helped.