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Had the Kemper Profiling Amp in my studio for a day - Recorded a song...

Today I had a friend come and visit the studio and he brought the Kemper Profiling amp with him. We decided to record a song using the unit exclusively to hear what this sounds like in an actual mix.

I used a Strat and a Les Paul to try and demo how well this works with single coils and humbuckers.

The track is a bluesy type song and I chose a JCM800 profile for the backing and the solo with the Strat but for the solo I added a Kemper Tube Screamer to give a bit more dirt.

The quiet part of the track I switched to the Les Paul on the same profile without the Tube Screamer and then for the harder section the profile was changed to the Mesa Boogie Roadking.

Guitars were a MIM Fender Strat and a Tokai Loverock LS98F.

I was blown away with this unit. It was really easy to get great tones and I found that you’re really spoilt for choice. The effects are top notch and you really don’t need much else for superb recordings.

I didn’t have the time to actually profile my own amp but I do have an in depth video demo planned for the near future.

Anyway the link for the clip is:
Hope you enjoy.



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RemyRAD Tue, 11/22/2011 - 14:14

That was completely fabulous and awesome sounding! Not only was your mix spot on but that guitar sound in both instances was monstrous. And what was his gizmo again you used? This was one of the most worthy sounding cabinet/amplifier emulations I've ever actually superbly enjoyed. Of course your superb musical playing style along with your beautiful legato lines certainly demonstrated your incredible musicality. Just beautiful. 100% impressive and convincing. I think I want one of those things? How much? Most of the musicians I've worked with, with the actual amplifier/cabinet devices always seemed to turn them up to the point where you lose that beautiful fat warm quality. They overblow their speakers instead of just allowing them to bloom the sound forth. So this device takes care of a certain amount of built-in stupidity so many guitar players have. I love it!

And by the way, nice looking facility you have there. Well thought out. Well executed. Properly configured.

That's real music sound
Mx. Remy Ann David

PJH Tue, 11/22/2011 - 23:58

Hi RemyRAD,

Thanks so much for your kind comments.

This unit takes modelling to a new level. The Kemper has the capability of actually profiling real miced up amps and saving them to be called up whenever needed. It's as simple as micing your amp, getting a great tone and then "profiling that particular tone. Once it's been saved, you can then go ahead and edit, eq and add effects etc.

It's almost like having a huge amount of expensive amps in a small compact unit.

I only got to play with it for a day but to get those tones out of it was so easy it was ridiculous.

Price wise, I have no idea but I know it's not gonna be cheap. I reckon it's gonna change the way that guitars are recorded in studios forever.

Once again, thank you for listening and for your wonderful comments. It's much appreciated.