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hardware midi controlled pitch shifter?

i'm looking for a piece of hardware that will perform a certain function and have had a rather hard time finding it. there are some vst plugins that will do this, but i really would like a hardware unit that will accomplish the same thing.

i want to have a realtime pitch shifter that will pitch shift an input signal via midi note messages. the plugins i have encountered that do this are madshifta and voicemachine. i thought that i could get a digitech vhm5 and that would work, but alas, the type of pitch shifting that it performs is fundamentally different than what i need. it takes an incoming signal and produces a harmony (or harmonies) at a specified pitch. what i need is to specify a harmony of a certain interval. there is a big difference. for example, with the vhm5, if you sing a middle C and play the G above that on the keyboard, you will get a harmony of C and G. if you then sing a D, you will get a harmony of D and G. what i need is something that when you sing a D and play a G, you really get D and A. that is to say, a pitch shifter which will harmonize a unison at middle C, and will pitch shift the actual incoming signal (not a carrier tonee, as in the vhm5) up or down the appropriate interval based on the midi note.

i will be shocked if there is no such thing out there. can any of the eventide harmonizers do this? someone please advise. thanks!