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Has anyone tried the UA 6176?

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I'm looking for a mic pre / compressor with character and the UA 6176 looks good. I have an LA audio VP-1 (British) which has valve or solid state mike pre and fab EQ but the compressor stinks, (as does the expander). Problem is it doesn't really warm the sound when pushed but goes straight to awfull distortion.
I read the negative comments re the Avalon 737 with great interest.


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wwittman Sun, 08/10/2003 - 22:50
i don't care what they say or disclaimers about "aging", the compressor sounds different than the 1176.
not bad, just different.

but leaving that aside... the mic pre sounds really adequate at best.
I'd much more recommend buying another mic pre and an 1176 if that's what you want.
if you want something to push into gentle distortion i'd try the Manley VoxBox