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HD24/VST Sync problems.

I've just installed Cubase VST v5 on my PC and have a problem syncing up to my Alesis HD24. The HD24 is sending MTC to the PC via a Creative 'Livedrive' front panel. Both Cubase an HD24 are running 30fps and the HD24 is running as master. Cubase will start/start/rewind/fast forward and pause from the HD24 trasport controls, but the sync seems to slip. Sometimes it starts ok, but gradually the Cubase track will slip out of time. When you then zero the track it might have a noticable off-set. If you then adjust the start point of the Cubase track to correct it, it might be ok for a couple of plays then it will slip again. I've checked everything I can think of within the Cubase midi and syncronization menus and have even changed midi leads and merge box, but to no effect. The PC has 512mb of RAM (which I would have thought was ok) and is running Windows XP. The souncard is Creative Platinum with Livedrive and is running Audigy drivers.
Any thoughts please? (Please keep answers as simple as possible as I'm only a dumb musician!)


AudioGaff Tue, 03/27/2007 - 17:40
1st, to have perfect sample accurate sync, your audio sound card and drivers need to be able to sync to ADAT time code (not MTC) and/or conform to ASIO positioning protocol to be sample accurate.

2nd, your host software also needs to be sample accurate and/or conform to ASIO positioning protocol to be sample accurate. The Cubase VST audio engine is not really worthy of this kind of sync. I thnk you need something newer that runs on the newer Nuendo engine such as a version of Cubase SX or Nuendo. Cubase VST (any version) had many problems/issues, sync among them, and was dropped/discontinued by Steinberg for the newer Nuendo audio engine which is sample accurate and conforms to ASIO positioning protocol.

If your Creative sound card supports ASIO protocol and drivers, make sure that you are using (have selected) ASIO drivers within Cubase as they will likely be your best chance to get best possible sync.