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Hedd'192 clock

Hi guys!

My config is Hedd 192 SPDIF to 2408 SPDIF
I am trying to sync (slave) a 2408mk1 to Hedd(master) via wordclock.2408 in HEDD out
I used to sync via SPDIF but lately I have problems and I am trying workclock.
when I am recording a stereo track I hear a lot of white(maby) noise on one side!!
If I don't use wordclock its ok but then there is no sync!

What is going on dudes?



Opus2000 Tue, 04/05/2005 - 20:37


Typically if you are hearing a phasing type of clock(white noise that may cut in and out) this can be caused by an out of phase clock possibly. This happened a lot with TDIF(shudders at that format :p )

What is the MOTU software set to for clocking..should be set to PCI 324 Word Clock.

What type of problems were you having with SPDIF? Maybe if you tell us this it could help deduce what your problem is.


Yiannis Fri, 04/08/2005 - 05:22

the noise its only on the 2nd ch of spdif.Its a steady noise from 1k and up.
Notice that there is no input at the hedds analog inputs when this happends.

I do have motu at Word clock!

What I have done so far is to make motu a master and hedd slave!
The other way it doesn't working!Always noise!!

When I was clocking via spdif lately something strange happend!
I am recording at 48/24 and sometimes there was alot awfull noise and the playback started to play slower.Something like 44.1khz, and I was at 48khz.
I had to put 324 at internal clock and then back to spdif to go on working.

Thats why I am trying word clock to have a more stable clock.
But so far only problems : (