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Help deciding audio interface...


I have a friend leaving for Canada tonight! I plan on upgrading my Sound interface. I would like to get more IO.

My two shortlists are :

M-audio Delta 1010LT (200US)
E-mu 1820. (400US)

With the m-audio I have the advantage of being able to buy two units, link them up and get an instant 16 channel analog IO.

For the same price I could afford one E-mu 1820, which is better speCD, but offers only 8 channels on analog IO; To expand to 16, i would need something like the behringer ADA8000. $$$$. The 1820 also offers me an upgrade to a daughter sync card. Though i see no use for it in the near future. (never know when someone might want to hook up a BETA deck, highly ulikely though)

1) am i right in presuming that the 1010LT would do a reasonable job at AD conversion, and i would be better off spending on a pre later ?

2) I was considering purchasing one unit of the Delta 1010LT, and perhaps spending some money on another mic. I currently own a RØDE NT1a, Oktava MC012 stereo (sound-room), Beta58A, Beta57A, SM57.

Would the MD421 make for a good choice. I could use it on the kick, for vox, and even for high gain guitars. (does the MD421work well on Kik? I desperately need a kick mic, suited for heavy metal music also.)

Alternatively, if budget is a constraint, i would seriously like to consider the KEL range. Bar for the kick.

Thanks and regards!


AudioGaff Tue, 05/09/2006 - 16:33
While not the perfect product, (and no such thing exists anyaway) I think the the E-MU 1820 or the EmulatorX Studio package that has the 1820M it with EmulatorX sampling software is a great quality audio and MIDI interface and one of the best value deals to come along in a very long time. I just recently sold my 1820M and got the 1616M which has a much better preamp, is smaller and works on a laptop or a desktop if you use an PCI to PCMCIA adpater. E-MU is supposed to be shipping a new PCI card to support the 1616/1616M for desktops sometime this summer.

The MD421 is great studio standard dynamic mic that can be used on many sources and at least one 421 should be in everone's mic collection. The 421 is usually my first choice to try out for kick drum.