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Help for the ignorant.

My curent rig is a paltry Firebox to Sonar setup. I want to replace the Firebox and move to another firewire/converter. Is my best choice a Fireface or the MOTU HD, or something else? I know Apogee has the Ensemble but I think it's only for MAC. Any suggestions?



RemyRAD Tue, 05/09/2006 - 17:21
Why not take a real step up and purchased the Alesis HD24 or even the XR high-resolution version? That coupled with their FireWire adapter that allows you to dump the hard drive from the recorder into your computer? That along with your Sonar Would make for a very versatile system appropriate for in the studio or on location easily. I mean 24 analog inputs with 24 analog outputs with a dual hard drive bay system and connectivity to your computer for under $2000! I think if I had to do it all over again I would do that? Although I do like my MOTU 2408, I really only bought that to dump my TASCAM DA88 tracks into my computer which required me to install a PCI card into a desktop computer. The 24 tracks worth of recorders along with the interface only cost me a paltry $15, 000, 13 years ago. A lot less than my $36,000 Ampex MM 1200 24 track analog machine in 1990.

I haven't seen 24 inputs on any FireWire device yet? 12 -16 -18 but not 24! I mean 24 is not a magic number it's just a good number. And actually in the days of analog, 16 on 2 inch, sounded better than 24 on 2 inch, so.... I would go with the MOTU FireWire stuff any day.

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