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Help me choose right mics for OH (drumset recording)


I'm tring to record drumset for few songs (demos). I got three mics for overheads. Which mics would you choose (recommend) to use for overheads: 2x[=""]Behringer ECM8000[/]="http://www.behringe…"]Behringer ECM8000[/] (small diaphragm, omni), 1x [[url=http://="http://www.behringe…"]Behringer B-2 pro[/]="http://www.behringe…"]Behringer B-2 pro[/] (dual diaphragm, possibilities: cardioid, omni, figure-8 ). Is there any method which uses three OH mics?

I got bad kick drum (30 years old Tama Imperialstar, probably plywood ;)), so I'm planning to oversample kick :( - but only the kick drum. It's sad, but I don't have any other choice at the moment. I would like to get the most from the equipment that I have. Would capturing kick drum as little as possible in OH be a good starting point?

What about this: using one of those Behringer condenser mics on hihat (instead sm57) and two for OH. Which one would you choose for hihat and which (two) for overheads (rm method)?

Thanks very much,


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 10/12/2006 - 04:59
I have never used a Behringer microphone (or any other product they make, except for the Composer, which I used for live performance). However, you can't really control the amount of kick bleed on the OH mics. Minimally, you could cut some low freq in post but, you'd also be cutting your toms, etc...

How about using a digital kick from the start? Or, mute your kick as much as possible and put a trigger on it.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 10/12/2006 - 07:46
Thanks for tip. I was thinking about this, but I'll probably leave kick as is.

I'll just add same good kick samples. NI Battery is pretty good couse I got control over each mic. I've tested it and just lowed sample's OH mics couse I got those from kick in my OH mics, turn off trash mic and also reduce ambient mics (couse I don't really have them). I also EQed my OHs with highpass at about 200-300Hz. This way I find it more natural sounding and also OH's add too much snare bottom. Actually I've set highpass for best snare sound. Sample's kick just enhace mids and highs. Interesting results though...