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help me get going

Very soon i will be purchasing some microphones (i have been looking around at what works best for the past few years) and some software (what to get is still confusing me)

butttt anyway, the microphones being:

3 sm 57's (for snare, and two toms, also guitar and piano)

1 d6 (for kick and bass guitar)

as for the overhead i'm not sure what to get (any suggestions?)

For the software I'm thinking of just going with cubase, but how exactly do you make each microphone have its own seperate track (this confuses the hell out of me, and i still dont get it) and i suppose i can always go with the standard firepod

if someone has any other suggestions as to what i should get please let me know, I'm going to be recording instrumental music, nothing to heavy with a lot of layers, so i also need to know about mixing and whatnot




anonymous Sun, 10/01/2006 - 22:51
I got the M-audio Delta 1010LT soundcard that has 10 inputs (2 mic preamps that double as line ins, as well as 6 rca line inputs, and I think two channels in spdi/f). You'd just need a mic preamp for each mic (and something that has spdi/f outputs) and it will record 10 tracks at a time. It works great with cubase (I'm using SX3). i haven't been able to record more than two tracks at a time (mainly because I only have two mics), so I can't really speak of how well it handles 10 tracks at once.

Anyways, thats one option, but there are plenty more. That is just the cheapest if you have preamps, and its easily upgradable because you can upgrade pre's and not be stuck with built in pre's. It also has a built in mixer with 8 or 10 rca outputs, which makes it very versatile)

VonRocK Mon, 10/02/2006 - 09:47
This is topic most likely should be in the budget gear section.

There are many, many ways to achieve what you want to do. Perhaps a few more years of reading might help. Nonetheless, here's a beginners set up that I would recommend.

Apple Intel iMac 17' 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. $1000

Get an external firewire hard drive or two down the road.

Add 1 GB of Ram from OWC for around $140

Presonus Firepod $500

That leaves you well over a grand for for mics. Your mic choices seem sound to me.

Apples OSx is a great operating system. The hardware is topnotch. You will not have to worry about your computer getting in the way of your art. It also comes with Garageband. It is an excellent beginner level multitrack recording tool with many features. You can buy Garageband for Dummies or other learning tools if you need to. It's easy to use, and allows you to start recording right away. As you start recording you will gain a better understanding of what you need as far as recording software goes and be able to start trying out some of them.

The Presonus Firepod (amongst many other choices) is what you use to hook your microphones up to your computer. It uses the firewire protocol to transfer data, and is an excellent value for it's price.

It sounds like you may not have a very good grasp of what you need to do. Before you go and drop $3000, you should take some trips to local music stores, tell them what you want to do, and what options they have to do that. Get a demonstration. Keep in mind that they will be trying to sell you stuff, and may not always give you the best advice. Thats why you go to multiple shops. Also, don't walk in there pretending that you are cool and know what you are talking about. Just be honest with them, and hopefully you will gain a little more insight as to your options.

There are a lot of them.

Good luck.

anonymous Mon, 10/02/2006 - 13:04
ahhh thanks for your help guys! that clarified some stuff for me, as for my computer i just have a ...gosh idk an 800$ standard computer you get for those dell computer deals it has windows xp and a pentium 4, as for soundcards and sound devices, i'm sure its bottom of the line (the only mic input it has is a pitiful little 1/8" input)


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