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Help with Mic Pre and Audio interface to the next level

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First post ...thanks for help ahead of time
Im looking at to improve this current PC DAW set up from

Delta 1010
Dbx 376
Alesis Mix board 24

To get better sounds

Im trying to improve my sound starting at the Mic Pre end first
Pre amp for vocals and guitars will be one or two of the following units – UA 2-610,Vintech 73i,UA 2108, Focusrite 428 or Sebatron 4ch or something at that price …quality level
(Im sure 1 will do a lot to improve my sound from what I have now)


A. My budget is about $5000 for audio interface and mic pre upgrade (if needed)
B. I will be recording a jazz drum set which will be about 15% of the recording and he may need more than 4 mics pres
most of my recording is computer based with live vocals and guitars
C. My PC will be upgraded after I get or keep my current interface
D. I will be getting Yahmaha MSP5A monitors for now
E. I use Sonar 3 Producer and will be getting Cubase SX as well
F. I also will get UAD-1 Card for effects
G. I know that I cant afford Manley or Apogee with my budget


1.Would getting any 1 of MOTU 896,2408,Digi 002,Tascam 1884 or similar priced unit make a noticeable difference in sound quality compared to the delta 1010 (if I ran the pres right into the 1010)
or Keep the 1010 and getting an additional converter for the upgraded pre ?

2. Would it be better to purchase one of the above units and use the ADAT sync with possibly an AI3 or (?) for the pres above or run it directly to the input

4.Get one of the above units (MOTU or Tascam) and run 2 Focusrite 428 with the optional card

Any additional comments, or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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Kev Wed, 12/08/2004 - 18:08
Adding the Ai3 will give you more inputs IF you have a lightpipe currently going unused.
This may not be of any advantage if you mostly spend your time with single overdubs.
It will bring a different flavour to your conversion. You have to decide if it is a better sound as all people have their opinions. I own and use an Ai3 with my 001 systems.

As always I think money is best spent on things you desperately need ...
Quality industry standard things that will benefit you long into the future.

Save your money and target something at the extremes of the recording chain.
Talkback extras.

These things are most likely to be still in use well after you have upgraded computers and interfaces and plugs ... perhaps multiple times.

I included the Talkback reference as this is one area that people constantly comment on when they use one of my systems.

Like cables ... talkback may be boring BUT when you have had the pleasure of quality infrastructure, it is very hard to go back.