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Help with my mixes ?

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Two year ago I'd mixed and produced the first album of my band (I'm the guitar player ), in my own project studio. I was working for many years in production and studios, but the fact of dealing with my own album was difficult to me, too much subjectivity, I think !
Now I'm working in another "close" album, my girlfriend is the singer, we are producing together, and I'm the engineer .
I would like if somebody can listen to my old mixes, and tell me what can I optimize, and what isn't working ok .Here in Argentina is pretty difficult to get pro support in this area .
The link to my band's music (Los Politicos minds The Politicians ) is
Thanks a lot .


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audiowkstation Thu, 09/06/2001 - 19:27
The Mix on Concha sounds Good...real nice and "phat".

Great guitar work.

I would have panned the cabasa hard on one or the other channels...but that is about it...maybe make the cymble crashes sustain a little longer...but it is definitly on the right track.

Good work.

As time permits...I will ck out the other tunes..

Good going!

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warlock Fri, 09/07/2001 - 03:40
Originally posted by Anel Paz:
my girlfriend is the singer
This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a band :) .

But on serious note:
The mixes sound good to my ears. No objective suggestions can be made imo, and I'm not gonna make any subjective either.

Great work!


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Pro Audio Guest Sun, 09/09/2001 - 13:38
Thank You Guys !
Yes ,I'd realize (after finishing the mix down) that the kick wasn't ok in "Concha ".The major problem was that we just had ns-10 m and headphones to mixing .
Thank for your support
If you have any free time and want to tell me more about any other song I'll appreciate a lot (I repeat , here in Argentina is difficult to find a pro point of view about mixing ),and btw you can listen to some Buenos -Aires -Pop ("La CAlle del Rio" , and "A Dor" have some South American rhythms on it ).
And Keijo , yes , I know , my girlfriend on vocals is my biggest mistake :D