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HELP! school me please.

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hello all. i am fairly new to the recording world. i have a pretty simple setup but it seems to treat me well for the time being. last night i laid down an improvised electric guitar peice. i am happy with the results but i have a technical issue to deal with. while reviewing the recording i see/hear that there are parts that peak high, as well as low regestering moments. could you give me any advice as to how to process this audio to achieve a nice even sound. my first thoughts were to just ride the faders while mixing but i was wondering how people generally deal with this situation(apart from re-recording the part using better guitar technique :) ).


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RemyRAD Sat, 01/05/2008 - 16:08
themosscollector, what you want/need is a dynamics range compressor/limiter. Sure, riding the faders is what all professionals do but that is in combination with the dynamic range compressor/limiter. So if you have any kind of reasonable software, you'll find compression and limiting functions somewhere in your software, generally under amplitude functions/plug-ins. The amount to use can only be determined by listening, tweaking and experimenting. There are no hard and fast rules except that slower attack and release times, at lower ratios such as 2 or 4: 1, will allow more of the transients to be heard and present. Whereas faster attack and release times, with limiting ratios of 10 to 20: 1, can seem to make things louder. But then you can also squash the life out of your recording leaving you with a dull & lifeless sound, albeit loud. So that's what you are looking for.

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