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help with studio monitors

hey. I have just got a set of edirol MA 15D self powered monitors for my Alesis Multimix (firewire) mixer. in the manual for the multimix is says to connect the monitors to Control room out. I cannot do this because the only ways of connecting the monitors is either by using an rca cable from the outs of my mixer, to the ins (rca of my monitors). this works fine, but however i can only get audio to play back when i have 2 TK to MIX button pushed down on my multimix(which causes a delay when i am playing in real time),which obviously causes problems if I'm overdubbing parts of songs. Having this button not pressed in i do not get the delay but i dont get any sound coming from the computer (e.g playedback Cubase file,mp3), however i do get sound of the instruments being played straight through the mixer.

the monitors also came with an rca to mini headphone jack (obviously for plugging into sound card, interface) could i fit a large jack extention on this and plug it into the - control room out Left?.

i was also wondering where on the desk i should plug a headphone amp into, the phones socket?

i hope someone will be able to shed some light on this


-dave :D


Scoobie Thu, 12/28/2006 - 08:44
I would go to radioshack(or the local Sam Ash or Guitar Center) and get the cable you need to plug in it where your manual says too.
"1/4" to RCA"

I don't think you'll hear any sound degradtion using the cheaper cable's with those Edirol monitor's,

("degradtion" that a word, Oh well it fit)