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Help with using hardware compressor in mix down

Hi Folks,
Just got my fist piece of hardware a FMR RNC compressor.
I use Adobe Audition 1.5 and have M-Audio 1010LT sound card.
I have started to get my head around the sound cards routeing options.

So hears my problem I have my RNC doing what i want on say my vocal track and i am ready to mix down to a stereo file.
When useing a plug in i just click and mix all tracks in Audition simple.
But what happens with external hareware will i have to mix down to another piece of gear like a DAT recorder etc?
It would nice to just mix in the computer if it is possible.

Thanks Slim.


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 11/26/2006 - 15:09
I don't know anything about AUDTION or the card you have but, a good card is capable of SIMULTANEOUS playback and recording.

All you would have to do (if your software/hardware allows it) is to route the OUTPUT of the compressor back into a STEREO channel of AUDITION. Make sure MONITORING IS OFF (or you'll get a feedback loop). So, MUTE the monitoring of the STEREO channel recording the MIX.

A word of caution: be easy on the compression as this is best left to the MASTERING studio. If you compress too much the mastering engineer will be limited in what he can do with your mix final output volume and character.

Happy mixing!