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hissing/cut off sound in ear-monitor mix


I have brand new in-ear monitors with an older Shure (receiver?) body pack.
I also have a wireless head set (with transmitter body pack) and Sennheiser wireless sax mic (with transmitter attached to the horn itself.)

I'm getting a hissing sound in my in-ear monitors that intermitantly cuts off for split second.

Could this be a frequency issue or a factor of how close together these transmitters are to each other? or something some other problem?

Any ideas appreciated


anonymous Mon, 09/15/2008 - 07:08
How close are the UHF/VHF frequencies being used by these devices?

Are the selectible?

What frequencies are being used?

Do you have any broadcasters in your area also using these frequencies?

Does it only happen when you are using these together?

Does it only happen on one of them? What I mean if you record or monitor from your wireless trasmitter (for your sax) does it include this bad frequency or is it only when your using the in-ear monitor?

These are probably only a few of the questions you need to ask your self.


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