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Honking Bari Sax

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I'm looking to capture that honking 50's/60's/Motown Bari Sax sound in an upcoming session. My instinct is to try a Royer 121 near the bell, and have a Lawson L47 2-3 feet back to capture the sound of the whole horn.

Most of my experience with bari saxes has been in more of a jazz context. I'm open to suggestions!


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GZsound Thu, 01/17/2002 - 21:19
I think you may be better off just using one mic. You get a thinner sound with the mic higher up the body of the horn. Remember in the old days the sax was picked up with the room mic and didn't have a lot of low end content. A ribbon would make it smoother. I would try a 57/58 at bell height facing up. If you really want the "old time" sound, run it through a couple of University horns and mic them...boy how I hated the way my sax sounded in 1965!