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How to bypass mixer pres when using outboard mic pre?

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Hello all, this is my first post here. Please excuse my ignorance.

I am about to get my first outboard mic pre (I think a PreSonus MP20 used at GC for $300). How do I run the signal into my mixer without going through the board pres? My mixer has balanced line ins, but they are pre-preamp. It also has inserts.

Should I run the signal into the insert? Can I do a half-plug kind of thing? BTW, the outputs on the MP20 are only XLRs. Also, if I want to use my RNC while tracking, how is the best way to set everything up? The MP20 has a balanced insert loop (with ins and outs, not an insert plug) What is the advantage of using the insert, vs just connecting the comp after the pre, then into the board?

Sorry for all the questions!