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How did they get that drum sound (track) ?

Good day.

I have found this forum to be a great source of information.
So I would "try to stump you" with a question of my own! (lol)

I often try to analyze the production on songs on the radio /CDs.
So this time - can anyone provide their expert analysis, insight or links for the following:

Sound recording --> - "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring.
(LP = "Cut") Engineer = John Kriek.

Cool sounds on this (for the 80s!)

**Does anyone know how they got that snare sound?

Anyone have info or insight on:
What type of snare was used?
Mics used and placement?
Tricks and processing used? (not the usual gated reverb)
Double or stereo tracked, or triggers used ?
Room ambience?

- - - -
Also - the guitar sounds are interesting also. Your thoughts?
(Chorus, overdrive, some acoustic, and maybe?)

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Note: In the band's bio, on the official site, I discovered it was recorded on 8track home studio, then sent to 24 tr for overdubs in larger studio
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Thanks in advance.



Davedog Mon, 04/17/2006 - 15:12
Hellofa question for a first post.

Okay...this is one of the most 'known' classic rock tracks in the world.

And its Dutch. So by 'home studio' and at the time it was recorded, this could have been done on a small footprint Neve, a Studer 1", probably Neumann mics, possibly EMT reverb....

Its all about the room as far as my ear goes...But again, due to the timeframe of its inception, 'home studio' was probably a lot of gear that we would pay a premium for these days. I read through the notes on their site and later it seems they developed this home studio into a full-blown 24 tracker that they made many other recordings on.

Home Studio isnt always what we think of these days....the gear just wasnt being built with everyday consumers in mind.

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 04/28/2006 - 16:54
Well, thanks to Davedog for the 1st reply and comments on this.
I seen many posts from you and respect your opinions greatly.

I am hoping others will help me analyze this as well.
Its my little audio research project, I guess. (lol)

Also, I wish to insert my critique of this drum sound.. feel free to comment.... :

This snare sound seems full, textured. Here are the "components" I hear:

A) The snare sound is mostly thick, mid-deep. Perhaps due to tuning or depth or eq??? Is it a certain 6.5 inch snare, certain tuning or EQ???
(Can anyone ask a pro drummer?)

B) The thick attack has a "thwap" sound to it. Due to wood snare or compression?

C) Also this attack sounds doubled, like a superfast flam hit. ("layered")
Was there a 2nd mic which was further, triggered, or delayed??

D) Most of the sound isn't "bright"; the snares are not too noticable.
But the tail end of the hit has more hi end, with ambience.

Is this "tail end" from room sound/reverb with lows rolled off?

Or....A theory I have: Perhaps its the appearance of a rim shot track, with reverb, underneath, on beats 2 and 4.

E) Are there certain compressor or gate tricks at work here?
Like 2 gates with different attacks....or maybe a s/c triggered room mic track?
- - - - -

So I came close to getting part C) of this sound once - more on this later.

Your thoughts? Anyone have ideas where else to ask this?

Thanks again. - T