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How do I repair a JBL Eon G2?

I just bought a pair of used JBL Eon G2 15" speakers. One is great. The other has a rattle in it. I suspect/hope it's something loose inside.
The rattle isn't continuous. It occurs mostly at a low/mid range. I'm using them to monitor Vdrums and, when I hit the second highest tom, it rattles.
I could send it back and pay shipping but first I'd like to see if it's something simple. I tried to unscrew every screw I could find and get the cabinet open but it still wouldn't budge. I couldn't pry it open the slightest to look in. How do you get them open? Am a missing some hidden screws or tricks?

Any suggestion on repair or diagnosis?



Pro Audio Guest Mon, 05/21/2007 - 19:33
i use several EONs regularly for live events as both mains and monitors. two of mine have developed rattle/buzz issues, especially in the mid/low bass range. in both cases, the toroidal power transformer bolted to the integral woofer frame had become loose, rattling at certain frequencies. on my well-worn EONs, disassembly is a matter of removing all of the screws around the outer rear edge of the speaker, including the hidden one that can be found after removing the handle. the four larger mount screws in the middle of the rear of the speaker do not need to be removed. after all of the outer screws have been removed, the speaker cabinet can be split apart with several large flathead screwdrivers. there is a rather thick foam gasket around the inner chamber of the speaker that often can stick. be careful when disassembling the 15" EON, as there are several audio and power cables that connect the rear and front halves of the cabinet. on both the 15" and 10" EONs, the power transformer can be found on the bottom of the woofer frame. hope this helps!