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How do I sing into a mic and have notes appear - software???

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I have a basic home Daw (Saffire LE + Audition) and am leaning to read/write music. I tried a program called Music Masterworks to convert my live voice into notation, but it doesn't like the Saffire (only works with my onboard cheapo soundmax).

Money's no object here - just want to get the job done but I'm a complete novice and don't even know what key words to google!. E.g. I use audition like a multitrack for live stuff and have no idea about loops etc (not really interested yet). Not even very sure what midi is.


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tremont Mon, 02/25/2008 - 16:14
That can be pretty tricky for software to do accurately. It will get the pitch pretty good, but having the rhythms and pitches accurate can be tricky. I haven't tried anything like that in a while, so maybe it's gotten better, but last I knew, it was kind of inaccurate (especially if you use vibrato).

If you want, I could transcribe it (aka listen and write it out by hand) for you. If it's something that you only need done once or on a few songs, it would probably be cheaper and easier to pay someone than to buy the software. Send me a private message if you're interested.

If anyone does have other recommendations for musical transcription software, I'd love to hear them and see what's new.

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natural Mon, 02/25/2008 - 19:49
Taxmans suggestion is the way to go.

Vocals are too slippy slidey to get anything useful from software.
If you're more than 1/4 tone sharp or flat you will get incorrect notes and spend an insane amount of time fixing the notation.
Timing issues will create even more problems.

Remember that the notation is the abstract of the reality and not the reality itself.

The way something is sung (or played) is not necessarily the way you want to see it written.