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how do you mic the cajon?

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hi all,
i need to record a cajon solo session at my home studio. the room 18' L x 22' W x 11' H
i have at my disposal a portico 5012 2-channel pre, personus firepod pre and the following mics:

sm 57
rode nt5 (matched pair)
mxl v67

your advice in mic placement and mic choice(s) is very much appreciated .


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15 years 11 months

IIRs Mon, 02/04/2008 - 06:30
I've never recorded one, but have miced a few on stage. I always use two mics: one in the hole and one pointing at the soundboard at the front. Last time I used a Sennheiser MD515 'Stick Grenade' in the hole, and a Beyer M201 round the front, which worked very well... but a couple of '57s would probably do the job.

If I had to record one I would probably do the same, unless I had a great room and a quality omni..

I suggest the 4040 in the hole, and an NT5 round the front. If one of them sounds wrong try swapping it for the 57.