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How Do You? PART 1

Eh lets see how all you cool folks do your setups and junk eh?

Part One **Drums** - provide a simple paragraph or two (or 5) on how you go from
-setting up drums
-placing/chosing mics
-what hardware you run it through
-board settings
-input levels
-tips? tricks?

The main reason I am posting this and encouraging many of you to reply is because after reading a lot of material and learning a lot about recording the only useful information I have EVER gotten was from INDIVIDUALS TELLING ME HOW THEY DO CERTAIN THINGS and DOING THINGS FOR MYSELF. please help us all out and tell us what you do and why? and if people actually reply we'll move on to Guitars.


RemyRAD Wed, 07/19/2006 - 01:46
First, I'll take a big bag O' micophones.

Second, I'll put those micophones in and around the drum stuff.

Third, I'll plug them all into the old console and fire them up.

Fourth, I'll listen to the drummer play the drums.

Fifth, if I don't like the way the drums sound, I will come out and hit the drummer up side the head. That usually makes them sound all right then.

The lovely and sophisticated
Ms. Remy Ann David