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How do you record your vocals?

So i have a little home studio (if i can even call it that). The band has all recorded into garage band and were rdy for vocals. How would you go about recording vocals with what i have.

G5 Mac w/ OSX
Alesis MultiMix /w USB IN/ Out
Reavey Powered Mixer (doubt its needed)
Stero system that i can play my mixer out of liek monitors
Comp speakers

My problem is how do i record but have my singer hear whast in garage band at the same time.


BigTrey Thu, 04/27/2006 - 17:55
Hey xX5thQuarterXx,

If you have a headphone jack on the multimix or your sound card then you can use a splitter and a few sets of headphones so that you both can hear the mix. Just make sure that you turn the stereo off so that you don't get what's coming out from those speakers. Hope this helps, I haven't used a multimix so I don't really know if that's your sound card.

BigTrey~President/CEO - BG Recordz