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how to mix down 4-track 2 computer

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I own a Tascam porta07, its a decent little recorder and being as I am a lo fi nut am using it to record my album. I have figured out how to mixdown to a computer in stereo so I can burn it onto a CD, I just need to know what software(preferable freeware) can record 2 tracks at the same time with one panned left and the other right
(I mix the four track down using an adaptor on the headphone jack with the left and right out panned to two seperate inputs therefor I can still pan the tracks where i want them during mixdown). any input on this?


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realdynamix Mon, 11/05/2001 - 03:55
Hello Lee!!, I don't know what kind of PC you have, but, presently I am working with a basic windows 98/pent laptop. For basic recording to stereo, in waves, with some editing capability, I use this little program...

It is written for a smaller processor, and minimizes the potential for problems, like lack of RAM, or slow drive. Give this a try, it is freeware, on the honor system. If you decide to use it, there is also another program I can recommend, that will do very-good MP3 encodeing from your waves files.
Hope this helps,

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GZsound Fri, 12/07/2001 - 07:22
Two very good programs for really cheap (under $75.00) are Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP and Cool Edit 2000. Available from and Lots of pro features and Cool Edit supports Direct X plug ins so you can upgrade for cheap. Cool Edit also sells the studio plug in that expands your software to make it able to record four stereo or mono tracks so you can do your basic tracks on the porta studio and overdub into the computer. You can get Cool Edit for free with some features not available but I suggest you's worth every dollar.