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How to record guitar like Ill Nino, In Flames, Kiss(Revenge)

Can anyone guide me to a perfect heavy distortion guitar recoring similar to something like Ill Nino, In Flames, Kiss (from the Revenge album) or equals?
Things like:
Guitar (and pickup settings)
Amps (and settings)
Pedal (and setting ... treble, middle, bass etc.)
Microphone (and position/angle)
Pre-amps (compressor, equalizer etc.)
Plug-ins (compressor, equalizer etc.)
Editing (stereo effect etc.)
Or can you give me a link to some kind of "education"?
Thank you! :D


Member Mon, 08/02/2004 - 13:01
dustbro wrote:
As far as overdubbing, we kinda treated that record like midi. We would do a ton of takes, and then find the best pieces, chop them up, and then quantize them. Each note was hand placed. That way we could stack up 4 pairs of guitars (8 separate performances with different guitars) without it getting sloppy.

How exactly do you quantize audio tracks? I thought you could only quantize MIDI tracks?

Member Mon, 07/26/2004 - 22:12
Well, the center of the cone has the most high end, and the futher to the edge of the speaker you bring the mic, the more bass you get. I like to put the 57 straight on the cone (right in the center). For any other mic, it would be pretty harsh... but the 57 picks up something unique. Then I use the 87 closer to the edge of the speaker to pick up the low end. It's going to be much more dull than the 57, but I use that to my advantage. They are tracked separately. Then on playback, I'll push up the 87 and then push up the 57 (maybe 7-8 db lower than the 87) till it sounds right. Sometimes the phase cancelation between the 2 mics is just right and it will sound huge, and sometimes you have to shift the u87 track around a few samples in your DAW to corret any phase problems.