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How to setup Monitors and gear up correctly!

Hey guys got lots of great input on my other post here about mics so i'm here again to ask for your expert know how :)

I just bought a pair of Genelec 8030A and am wanting to get my setup in place. So Here is the basics that i have and need help connecting.

I have a Mac with a MOTU 424 installed in it, I have a Eurodesk MX8000 lets just take my dbx provocal for example and my new Genelec 8030A monitors.

I wish to setup everything but am a little unsure on what the best way to do this is.

The soundcard has 8 ins and 8 outs. aswell as main outs. the mixing desk has 8 subgroup outs aswell. should i connect the 8 outs of the mixing desk to the 8 ins of the soundcard?

should the monitors be connected to the balanced main outs of the eurodesk?
or rather have it connected to the main outs of the soundcard?

several outputs to choose from so i'm a little confused here. First time setting everything up is always the hardest eh? :)

would love some help here

thank you in advance :)


Kev Wed, 11/22/2006 - 14:44
Since you don't have a dedicated unit as a control room monitoring switcher/controller
most would probably suggest you use the desk.

The desk's main control room outputs go to the Main Speakers.

How you connect the interface to the desk will be all about your work flow.
The advantage of the desk is that you can create a latency free cue send while recording so keep this in mind.

The use of a patch panel is also worth considering if the number of units is greater then dedicated inputs of the desk.

as for setting levels
... there is probably two basic ideas here.

your average operating level inside the DAW (0dBVU) = the Dolby styled 85dBSPL listening levels from the speakers at the sit position.

say the 0dBVU was at -14dBFS
set the amp speaker to produce the chosen dbSPL at the sit position.
it is up to you to control and stay inside amp/speaker headroom limitations.

Some people and manufacturers set 0dVU at -18 and -20dBFS.

this method is more about max levels and building a system with oooodles of headroom and so never clip.

the system is set so that 0dBFS is 3db to 6dB below clipping of the power amp.

you now know that as long as there are no red lights on the DAW there is no power amp clipping ... IN FACT even if there were DAW clipping the power amps are below max output.

Often these systems end up very big and powerful and lower powered systems will probably leave normal levels of 0dBVU at well below 85dBSPL.

it's all about headroom