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How to sync an ADAT/BRC to a Korg

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I need plain, remedial instructions on how to sync a Korg Trinity sequencer to XT20's thru a BRC.

We need to break out individual tracks of the sequencer and transfer them to the ADATS.

Also, may need to have the Trinity play back in sync with the ADATS during mixdown.

I've done it thru a JL Cooper DataSync2, but was hoping it could be accomplished with the BRC. It sure would make life easier.

Another analog guy. :D



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Nate Tschetter Thu, 03/15/2001 - 07:56
Hmm...unless the Trinity synchs to MTC you'll need some kind of translating device (like the Datasync).

Actually, in this case its probably better to have a translating device as MTC is very high-bandwidth. IOW, it can really bog down a MIDI cable. Therefore, let a Datasync deal with the MTC (from the BRC) and have it spit out MIDI beat clock to the Trinity.