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Human chattel:recording industry?

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Any one catch that Sawyer chick interview Avril Lavigne? My wife called me into the LRoom to check it out. I did for about 5 min. Long enough to see a segment with the president of Arista Records get face time and speak. And there it was, a mental and apparently ethical/moral cesspool of assumed ownership not heard of since Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney decided people could own people.

Cutting to the chase:
Diane Sawyer remarked that she is the ANTI Brittany Spears as far as dress and image. And although (apparently (I haven't looked that close, her being a minor and all...)) she is attractive, she wears baggy pants and a tank top. Much to Arista's dismay. When asked what he would have preferred had HE been able to dress her and create her image, he answered- Tighter Pants, Lower Cut Shirt, More Appealing. .

So thats his marketing plan. Find a nice looking MINOR who can sing and is nice looking, cut a record, then pimp her out like a 2 bit whore. Parade her UNDERAGE skin infront of cameras, introduce her to using SEX to MAKE MONEY...while a MINOR...and CASH IN ON THE PLIGHT OF AN ARTIST.

I know thats how it works, but seeing his brazen smile and arrogance just put me in an asskicking fervor. :mad: Someone needs to start an album for the rest of us: BaChuNoSoGoL Records.
Balding Chubby Not So Good Looking Records.