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i need feedback to pass my degree

Hi guys I’m a third-year university student and I have released a single as part as my dissertation project for my final year and part for the criteria is to receive feedback on it, so any help would be much appreciated

Here is the link to the you tube video

Also on Spotify I tunes apple music and all other major download and streaming platforms

thanks in advance



paulears Tue, 08/08/2017 - 08:51

Well, it's nicely recorded and I managed a few seconds. Best of luck with it but it's not something I can listen to.

I don't quite see how feedback helps your dissertation because if somebody comments like me - you have no idea if I'm a metal head who usually loves this music and hate just this recording, or if I'm somebody who would rather listen to fingernails going down a blackboard rather than this genre.

You have released a single as part of your degree. What's the point in the comments? It's not the kind of evidence dissertations would normally use as it wouldn't be robust or reliable evidence - would it?

paulears Tue, 08/08/2017 - 14:14

The system must be VERY different in Manchester then, assuming it's Manchester in the UK. 3rd year dissertations usually require proper verifiable evidence, so you'd have to know about the people that you select you ask provide answers to specific questions. You just ask for feedback? Your supervisor should notice that this evidence is just unreliable. As I said, some people would love it and some would hate it - so who they are is very important. You've asked this question on other forums too, I note - so how will you quantify the responses? The feedback serves no purpose, and for a 3rd year degree undergraduate is more like the stuff you get in yr one BTEC at 16? What exactly is the assessment based around? Songwriting, composition, arrangement, recording techniques. Clearly, you like this style of music and I'm certainly not qualified to comment on it as my experience of this kind of thing is very limited - apart from knowing I hate it. If your dissertation is to do with studio techniques, then my responses would be different, and positive, if it's about the musical qualities, I'd probably be negative.

This surely makes any comment impossible to assess, worth wise. If somebody loves the genre, they say nice things. It's patting back research - incapable of any reliability or accuracy. I'm surprised it's even allowed in yr 3. When I was teaching HE, 13 years ago, I'd have been laughed at for allowing this kind of research to even start!