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I need Help Recording from FOH console

I've been asked to record a rap performers performance live at a club venue. I have a Motu 828MKII as my audio Interface and I will be using Saw Studio as my DAW. All I need to record is vocals and instrumental track. What do you suggests?


hueseph Mon, 04/30/2007 - 16:20
That's something you'll have to discuss with the Front of House engineer. (unless of course that's you). At any rate, you could simply take a stereo track from a "tape out" if the board has one or, if the board has direct outs you could try to track from those. I get the feeling though that any direct outs/inserts from the board will be assigned to a patchbay and likely to outboard gear.

Bottom line is, this is all speculation and it really depends on what the engineer is willing to allow you to do.

BobRogers Mon, 04/30/2007 - 16:49
If you are in the position of having to go in to the gig cold - without talking to the FOH engineer - a couple of points:
1. Take along as many adapters for stereo configurations as you can think of - 1/4 inch, RCA, 1/8 inch stereo, XLR. The stereo mix is your best bet.
2. Have cables long enough so that you can stay out of the way. This includes a snake if you are hoping to get a direct feed from the individual tracks.
3. Have things like AC extension cords, a table, a chair, etc., etc.
4. Help out if you get a chance.
In short be a help not a burden.