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I need a screamer...anyone wanna sing?

I just threw a few riffs together and I want to hear this with vocals. These are scratch tracks with roughly programmed drums. It will be tightened up, but for now I just want a rough idea of where the vocals can go. After that I'll add the intro, keeper guitars/bass, drum fills, etc. This is a skeleton right now.

Anyone want to scream? (44.1/24bit)

If I use your vocals you will get credit, and possibly a gift if my wallet allows.


anonymous Mon, 10/15/2007 - 12:12

You could always try recording yourself singing "huffily" (think mimmicking a crowd chanting-- really breathy, etc) and then using an audio degrader to 'dirty' it up. (I'd recommend pushing it to 3-bit bitrate and 22kHz sample rate)

A Sure Green Bullet might be useful, too, if you find a screamer around you.