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If you had to...

If you had to have only one vocal mic in your locker, it would be a...


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 04/01/2006 - 19:34
I think the Rode K2 is my all around favorite mic for vocals be it singing or voiceovers. I can work the pattern to bring more or less of the room into the sound, and the tube sound can't be beat. I'm using one on a female vocalist (who had a string of hits in the 50's and really knows how to sing, no autotune or pitch correction needed on her!) this week and it just sounds great. I've only added a touch of EQ to compensate for the room (we're recording on location in a far less than ideal space).

Initially, I bought a pair for stereo mic'ing of ensembles, but once I tried them on vocals, I was hooked. I upgraded the tubes to a pair of vintage telefunken's and it made them sound even better.