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I'm new to this group..Balanced to Unbalanced

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Hi guys..and Gals if there's any in here.
My name is Raymond, I'm new to the RO group, (not new to recording)I was checking out a thread that was a little old but I did somthing like this when I first got my system a few years ago. I have a DAW (MOTU 24i) and use two Alesis Studio 24's for preamping, if anyone knows this mixer they know that the I/O's are unbalanced and if you know the MOTU 24i you also know that it's balanced.
The first thing I did once I found out this was use a unbalanced cable from the mixer's aux send to the MOTU coverter (they're both servo-balanced). There was very little signal to work with and it did'nt sound all that good :roll: about tieing low and ground together for this two conducter to three conducter interface.
I picked up some balanced cables and stuck some unbalanced RCA's on one end. Wow! What a diffrence! The signal was soooo much better! Who would know that a 15 min. fix would change so much sound?

good luck
Raymond Ward
A.S. Recording Arts