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Inspire 1394 Help

Hey, I just purchased an Inspire 1394. However when I plug my keyboard into it and try and record through inputs 3/4 (the rca plugs on the back) i get like clicks or pops, and it just sounds like crap. Here my comp specs:

Dell Inspiron E1505
1.6gHz dual core, 1GB ram

Inpsire plugged in through 4Pin Fire wire port. (6 pin-4pin Cable)

Cubase LE

Any know how i can get a better sound from this? My band wants to begin recording soon and i need to figure this out, along with learning how to effectively use cubase.


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 01/26/2007 - 14:16
Read Pg 22 of your manual section about latency.

1. I would check that In your recording Prog that you have the ASIO driver selected for interface. I cubase le Device setup>VST multitrack>Setup TAB>select Presonus ASIO driver.

2. Look at pg17 of the manual. This shows the Inspire control panel. This is the software that controls the input and outputs to your interface. You have no Knobs or controls on the Inspire every thing happens on this control window.

3. Look at pg22 look specifically at the section on latency. Latency is delay that is placed on the incoming signal being recorded such as a buffer and allows different computers to process the information properlly. depending on the computer config will determine how much latency is needed.

Important to keep in mind as you adjust the latency up the delay will become more noticable at the output of the Inspire. So if you monitor the output you may be out of sync with the input. You may notice this when you lare adjusting the gain. I recomend to use the db meter on the track you are recording to make sure the signal does not exceed 0 db.

Good luck on your bands recording