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Isolation headphones recommendation?

My current headphones are Koss R/80's and they are falling apart. (y)

One of the kids stepped on them and broke the bracket that holds the right muff in place, now the cord is tearing out. Anyhow, I need to procure another pair for -say- less than $200 or so. Price/name isn't important really.
I just want something quality headphones that covers my ears and has an accurate response. I only use them when other people are in the room anyway.

What headphones do you like and why?




mugtastic Wed, 05/03/2006 - 01:25
do a search here and hear all of us sennheiser hd280pro lovers. for price, comfort, isolation and sound i think they are very impressive. just got another pair for under $90 amer. online.

got a pair of senn. hd201s as well to see what $20 could do - worse in every way from the 280s but not bad at all - i actually really like 'em. if i were tracking bunchs of dudes at a time i'd get a bunchs of those.

saemskin Wed, 05/10/2006 - 15:02
Got the HD 280's today.
Upon first inspection they appear to be well built. Putting them on, they are much tighter on my head than the Koss', and the cushion isnt nearly as comfortable. I cant see wearing these for more than an hour at a time, and I probably wont need to.
The imaging they provide is vastly superior to the Koss's. I can hear much more of whats going on in the room with the Koss's, the Sennies are much more isolating. They sound good, and I suppose I'll get used to the way they fit, though I do prefer really cushy headphones.

All in all, 80$ with shipping was a good buy. They sound much fuller and tighter than the Koss's