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Jewel Case inserts and tray liners


At the high school I teach in, we produce a holiday Cd and in addition to duplication of the Cds, we do all the printing in house on a risograph (one color at a time low res printer) Because of this we've been very limited in the cover art we are able to produce.
Because this is a huge fundraiser I don't want to have to go through a printer and pay $1 or more per unit on paper for our Cds. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that handles stock Christmas images that we could print the specifics of the CD on top of?

These could either be pre cut to Cd size or 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17.

I did some searches and could only find blank templates or the "we'll make your design for you" types that are $1 or more each. For that price I could print my own, but we're looking at close to 2,000 units this year. I can buy 11 x 17 paper for $40.

Any help out in RO land?


JoeH Fri, 10/27/2006 - 09:39
Kinko's has ruined more projects for us than I can tell you. Their work force is so variable and unless you get someone with some experience the results can be VERY VERY bad. They did a brochure a couple of years ago and they ruined the whole run. Printing problems, problem with the software, cutting problems and folding problems and we had to come back three times to get the job done correctly )(40 mile round trip each time). We had special paper, which they pre approved, and they had to repurchase the paper again to do the job. I mean how much knowledge does it take to get the paper lined up before you cut it (1/4" off on a diagonal 500 sheets) or to fold a three fold brochure consistently or to know the difference between Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word when it was clearly stated EXACTLY what was on the CD even down to the version number. Time for a chill - I get upset even thinking of what they put us though

I almost forgot, are the Patron Saint of horror stories; sorry to get you riled up, but it's better to let it out than to keep it bottled up, eh?

I hear you about Kinko's and their ilk. You just never know, from store to store, (or day to day) what you're going to get.

I totally swear by MS Publisher, have had it since the nineties and upgrade whenever there's a new version. (Havene't seen an upgrade since 2003 now that I think of it.....hmmmm....) All of our templates are done with that; I was able to stop reinventing the wheel every time out quite a while ago now, by using that application. (did you know there's a photo cropping tool built into it as well? Just found THAT trick out about six months ago. D'oh! We were ALWAYS using Photoshop to trim the edges if there was a problem, then going back to MS Pub.)

ANyways, I'll check out the pre-cut stuff, but I'm not getting my hopes up; just like the printing & cutting quality at Kinko's, there's always something to be said for DIY. If you want something done RIGHT.....

zemlin Fri, 10/27/2006 - 10:36
I use publisher as well. I print (inkjet) on HP Brochure paper - nice, glossy, coated on both sides, not horribly expensive - $30 for 150 sheets. I cut everything 1 sheet at a time and have ho-made fixtures for folding and stapling. Tray cards with spines are a pain to fold, but I have a setup that works well.

I've never found precut stock that can match the print quality and cost of CIY jobs.

MadMax Thu, 11/02/2006 - 03:53
Gotta' plug a local company here...

I haven't checked [url=http://www.ami-medi… prices in a while, but they used to be fairly competitive and they used to take Microsloth Publisher files to boot.

Whether they're running the real short run stuff though a "digital" press yet or not, I don't know. It all used to be 4-6 color offset... thus a tad more expensive, but EXCELLENT quality!

My .02


pmolsonmus Mon, 11/06/2006 - 17:44
Hi Flud (and others)

Quality that any printer could provide will be a considerable step up from what we're doing now. The design has been text over a colored striped background to look(sort of) like a Christmas present. 2 runs, 1 color 1 black text with lots of bounce on the risograph on the run so it had to be kept simple.

What I'm looking for is a 4 page color cover on decent paper- card stock or a nice finish(picture of Santa Claus or something like it) the title of the Cd and the group's name.

On the inside would be black and white list of students and a few program notes. On the 4th page would be song selections.

On the tray liner would be group and title written vertically on the spines and the song titles again on the back.

Nothing fancy, We would do all layout and design. ( a mock-up is done already) It could be run on 11x17 or 2, 8.5 x 11 runs or whatever. Master could be in Pagemaker, Word, Indesign, Photoshop, Printshop or whatever else works easiest. We could do the cutting, but scoring and cutting to exact CD measurements would save hassle on our end. Especially the scoring of the spines. That's the real pain, and our folder doesn't score or fold that small.

We also offer personalized Cds as a fundraiser so we could either run those ourselves completely or have you leave several hundred with the 4th page blank that we could then run the personal or business messages that people wanted.

I'm going to need to make a decision in the next few days to get the job done. Discmakers will do print and printed Cds with shrinkwrap and a bar code for about 2.5k. We have a 8 unit Cd duplicator and have been using stickers and free labor (aka students)

Hotcards looks like a great price (without spines) for about $400. Most others are in the $600 price range for 2000 units.

PM me if you've got more questions or can give a quote.


zemlin Sat, 10/28/2006 - 03:36
Ran in to this while I was looking for stickers. I bought postcards from Hotcards a few years back - they were fine. I'd buy from them again. - It doesn't look like the tray cards have spines, but at that price ... sheez!

If you want single-fold liner notes, it looks like they could do a custom card at 4.75x9.5 pre-scored - full color print both sides - also very affordable.

pmolsonmus Mon, 11/06/2006 - 18:04
BTW Tom,

I teach in Brookfield WI. Many of the head honchos at Hal Leonard live in the community or within a few miles of here, in fact headquarters is right up the road. I work with a lot of the writers, arrangers and execs professionally as well gigging and recording. I'm not gonna skip the mechanical royalties! But its always good to point out for others reading this thread.