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John Eargle Discusses pipe organ recording technique on CD

Saw this referenced on another forum, and thought that some here would benefit from the purchase. I lucked out and got one for 2.50 on ebay, but they are cheap anyway.

Recording engineer and sometime organist John Eargle selects examples from several Delos recordings of organ, mostly recorded by Eargle himself, who provides brief notes about recording technique on each selection, how that technique was chosen based on repertoire, room acoustic, and the organ, and he also writes a short but very helpful glossary of organ terms such as “imitative flue stop” and an explanation of stop pitches such as 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, etc.


anonymous Mon, 07/10/2006 - 23:08


Thanks for bringing this recording to our attention. John is a friend, but he's never mentioned this particular recording.

For others who may not know of his work specifically, there are 4 other Delos recordings that highlight his work. The liner notes include details on microphones and techniques used for the specific excerpts.

The Symphonic Sound Stage - D/CD 3502
Second Stage - The Symphonic Sound Stage, Vol 2 - D/CD 3504
Engineer's Choice - DE 3506
Engineer's Choice II - DE 3512